Get started with the Zendesk source!

Obtain your credentials

If you don't know where to get your credentials for setting up a Zendesk integration, you can learn where to find them here.

Enable the source

Head to the flow that you want to add the Zendesk source.


This is the sources page where you should search for the Zendesk connector.


Now that you've found the tap, click on the resulting card to select it as a Source.


Here is where you should put in your credentials for your Zendesk account. If you don't have these credentials or don't know where to find them, read the guide below.


Once you have finished putting in your credentials, click the Save & Connect button.


And that is it! You have linked the Zendesk source!

Configure the field map

Now that you have connected your Zendesk, you need to configure what data you want to pull.


You can do this by adjusting your Zendesk Field Map. First, click on the Zendesk card.


Next, you need to click the Field Map button for the Zendesk source.


Once here, you can go and select what you want to bring in from the database you've connected. For this example, I am going to select the groups stream by clicking the corresponding edit icon.


You can now select specific fields identified in each Table to map in the Field Editor. Specific, multiple or all fields can be selected use the arrow in the middle to move those objects over to the Chosen column.


Once you have selected which fields you want, you click Confirm button.


The edited table will be labeled as "updated" in green. You can repeat the process above for all the tables you want! Once done, go ahead and click the Save button.


Once you are done mapping any of the fields, click save. "Field map updated" message will be shown. Again click on "Save" button. You have finished configuring your mappings.

Obtain OAuth Client ID and Secret

The first thing you need to do is log in to Zendesk.


Enter your organization's name and click on Sign in button.


You will land on the home page. Now you need to find OAuth Client ID and Client Secret. Click on Settings button.


Click on "Go to Admin Center".


You will land on the Admin home page. Select Apps and Integrations from left navigation pane.


Expand Apps and Integrations and Select Zendesk API from left pane.


Navigate to OAuth Clients and click on the name of organization.


Scroll down the page and you can see OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret.

And here you have your Zendesk API Key! Go ahead and copy it into hotglue.