Get started with the PostgreSQL source!

Enable the Source

First, you must decide which flow you would like to add your Postgres source to.

Once you have decided on a flow, let's start by enabling the PostgreSQL source.

You will then be asked to provide your PostgreSQL Credentials. Go ahead and fill these in and click Save.

You have now connected your PostgreSQL database!

Configure Mapping

You now have added PostgreSQL as a data source for your flow.

Next, you need to configure the mapping for your PostgreSQL data. Click on the PostgreSQL card to get started.

Now you can need to open the Field Map Editor. Do so by clicking the corresponding icon.

You can now select specific streams and/or tables that you want to pull from each PostgreSQL account. To edit the exact objects you want to pull, use the corresponding gear icon.

For any of the fields you do want to pull, go ahead and select them now. I am going to use the the select all option at the top of the column.

Once you are done mapping any of the fields you want, use the arrow button in the middle to move those objects over to the Chosen column.

Once you have finished picking which fields you want to pull, click the Confirm button in the bottom right corner.

You should repeat the previous process until you have selected all the fields you want to bring in. Once you are done with all your selections, click the Save button. You have finished setting up your PostgreSQL tap!

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