Flows define a group of integrations that your customers can connect to. There are three types of flows that you can enable in hotglue:

V1 - One-way flows

Source flow

This is the simplest way to use hotglue, and the default flow type when you toggle off Bi-directional flows. With a source flow, your customer connects the source or tap, and you read data in from those linked sources into your own default target.

Target flow

This can be enabled in the General tab of a V1 flow. This is the inverse of a source flow, where your customer links an integration that you write data out to, but cannot read data in from.

V2 - Bi-directional flows

If you need to read and write data to the same integration, you can use a bi-directional flow to use the same connection for both. There are two main differences between API calls for V1 and V2 flows:

  • V2 flows include a /v2 in API calls.
  • V2 flows do not have a concept of taps and targets. From the perspective of a V2 flow, everything is a connector.