Get started with the hubspot target!

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth
Testing AccountFree Developer Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the CRM Schema

Connector Versions

HubSpotv2GASupports HubSpot accounts via unified CRM schema.
HubSpotv1DeprecatedSupports HubSpot accounts via raw schema.

Create OAuth app


The HubSpot developer account is different from a normal HubSpot account. Make sure to register for a Developer Account or you will not see the Manage App options.

The first thing that you need to do to create a HubSpot OAuth app is to create a free HubSpot developer account.

Once logged into the HubSpot developer portal, your home page should look similar to this. Navigate to the Apps tab or click Manage apps.

On your Apps page, you should navigate to the Create App button on the top right hand side of your screen. Go ahead and click on the button.

On this page, make sure to name your Public app, upload your app logo, and add a description. Once you have done that, click Save.

The next step is to head to the Auth tab.

Next, you need to scroll down and set the Redirect URL to <>

As you continue to scroll, you will now see the scopes section. This allows you to choose what your product will be able to pull out of HubSpot.

I have set up a sample configuration that allows Read access to every endpoint in the CRM. If you have questions about what your scopes should be, feel free to ask us!


Select the CRM Schemas endpoints

Please make sure you check off all of the scopes that begin with crm.schemas. You can see them above in the red outline.

The last thing you must check off for your app to work is the oauth scope. If you do not check off this scope, your users won't be able to connect! Once you are done configuring your scopes, click the Save button.

Now you should scroll up back to the top of your page and copy the Client ID and Client Secret into hotglue!

That's all!

Supported Data

Below is a list of the HubSpot entities currently supported by the hotglue target:​

Activities🟢 SupportedActivities Unified Schema
Contacts🟢 SupportedContacts Unified Schema
Deals🟢 SupportedDeals Unified Schema
Companies🟢 SupportedCompanies Entries Unified Schema
Users🟢 SupportedUsers Entries Unified Schema
Forms🟢 SupportedForms Entries Unified Schema
Lists🟢 SupportedLists Entries Unified Schema

Don't see an entity you're looking for? Let us know

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