Get started with the S3 target!

Connector Details

PlatformAWS S3
Auth TypeAPI Key (IAM)
API versionN/A
Testing AccountAWS Account
Unified SchemaN/A

Connector Versions

AWS S3v1GASupports pushing data to AWS S3 buckets

Obtain AWS S3 Credentials

For the S3 target to work correctly, you need to create an IAM user with permission to access the bucket you wish hotglue to output data to. The instructions to create an IAM user are available on the AWS docs.

Bucket output path

The output path can include the following parameters:

{tenant}The tenant id this job is running for
{root_tenant_id}The root tenant id (only applicable if using subtenants)
{tap}The tap id this job ran for
{flow_id}The flow id this job ran for
{job_id}The internal hotglue job id
{env_id}The environment this job ran for
{date}The current date formatted as YYYYMM
{full_date}The current date formatted as YYMMDD

For example, a valid bucket output path is data/invoices/{tenant}

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