Invite sub-users

Invite your team to join your organization on hotglue

Invite sub-users to your hotglue organization

The first step is to log into your hotglue account.

Once you are logged into your hotglue account, head to the settings page by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Once on the Account Settings page, go ahead and head to the Users tab.

To invite a new user, click the "Add new user" button.

Go ahead and fill in the user you are inviting's name, as well as email.

Now you can decide what level of access you want this user to have to each environment in your organization (you can always edit this at a later time as well). If you have multiple environments in your account, you will have to choose an Access type for each environment. Below is a table of what each level of Access Type permits your user to do.

Access type



Can edit and delete everything within an environment


Can edit everything within an environment, but does not have permission to delete.


Can view everything within an environment, but cannot edit and delete anything.


Cannot see the environment listed in their hotglue account.

Once you have completed configuring the access type you want to give to your user, go ahead and click Save.

Until your user creates their hotglue account, the invite will have the status of Pending.

Now that the user has set up their account, their status will be Activated.

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