hotglue offers a common schema to help standardize your data and enable you to create integrations faster.

Instead of configuring every connector with scripts and field maps, hotglue unified schemas send and receive data in the same format, no matter the connector.

This can be helpful if you want to build many integrations quickly, or if your development resources are limited. For those who find this standardization limiting, you may want to check out transformation scripts instead.

You can find a complete list of compatible connectors in our unified schema docs.


1. Turn on the unified schema

Select a compatible connector.

Under configuration, click the unified schema toggle.

If you don’t see the unified schema toggle, make sure your selected connector is compatible.

Click 'confirm' to delete your existing script and field map and turn on unified schema

2. Configure your schema

Click “Customize unified schema objects” to select which tables you would like to sync. Each selected table will include all of the fields as marked in the docs.

Once the unified schema is turned on, your connector configuration gets a lot simpler! You can still manage triggers, but the script and field mapping will now be done for you.