What is an environment?

Environment Dashboard

In hotglue, we provide the ability to create segmented development, staging, and production environments to manage your integrations.

When you first signup for hotglue, we automatically generate your development environment with an id with the format dev.hotglue.yourdomain.com. This is where you can start testing hotglue and developing your first integrations.

The advantages of having segmented environments are:

  1. to give you the flexibility to build and test new integrations without affecting your production tenants

  2. when embedding hotglue you can specify the environment to use – so in your product’s staging environment, you should use your staging hotglue environment

  3. each environment can be configured to push data to different targets – so in your staging environment, data can go to a testing database rather than a production database

Moving out of your development environment

Once you have your integrations configured and ready to use, you should promote your configured flows to a new staging or production environment.

The first step is to create a new environment. We recommend creating environments with the following ID formats:

  • dev.hotglue.yourdomain.com
  • staging.hotglue.yourdomain.com
  • prod.hotglue.yourdomain.com

Create Environment Dialog

From there you can copy your integration flows across environments – feel free to reach out to hotglue support if you need help with this process.