The callback URI is also known as a redirect URI or a callback URL. It is an essential part of OAuth, as it allows Hotglue to obtain the necessary tokens to access your user’s resources. Hotglue’s default callback URL is:

For OAuth integrations, your users will briefly view this page after they authenticate with the external system.

Callback Image

This is the recommended and fastest way to white-label your callback page. This can be a branded loader or static image, which will briefly be displayed in the middle of the page. Any standard image file may be used, including PNG, JPEG, SVG, or GIF.

Redirect URL

You can also choose a unique redirect URL that you own for your callback page. For example, integrations.{{YOURDOMAIN}}.com instead of you choose that, we’ll give you two CNAMEs to add to your DNS.

Note that you will have to update the redirect URIs in any preexisting OAuth apps after this is set.


Use this field to point to any 16x16 pixels image file.

Site Name

Optionally override the site name for your callback URL.