What is the hotglue CLI?

Rather than manage your hotglue configuration entirely through the UI, hotglue offers a CLI that makes it possible to manage your configuration programmatically. This way, you can check things like your transformation scripts into source control and deploy them via a CI pipeline following best development practices.

The CLI also contains several utility functions to make working with hotglue easier. You can list tenants, flows, jobs, and even download jobs locally for debugging and testing.


You can install the hotglue CLI directly from npm.

Node v16+ recommended

hotglue CLI is built and tested against Node v16 and has not been designed to work for older versions. If you run into any unexpected issues try changing your Node version.

We recommend installing the hotglue CLI globally, as shown below:

 npm install -g @hotglue/cli

And then you can run it from anywhere using

hotglue --help

Project Folder

Alternatively, you may install the hotglue CLI locally in a project folder using

npm install --save-dev @hotglue/cli

And then you can run the local installation from within that folder using

npx hotglue