Get started with the Procore source!

Get your Procore credentials

For the Procore tap, you will need your OAuth Client ID and your OAuth Client Secret. If you don't have those credentials handy, you can learn how to find or create them here.

Enable the source

The first thing you must do is head to the flow that you want to enable the Procore source in. Once you are in the flow, you should be on the Sources tab.

On the Sources tab, search for Procore. Now, go ahead and click Connect for the Procore tap.

There are two options for a Procore source - the production tap and the sandbox tap (which is designated with an (S) after the word Procore). Make sure that you are selecting the correct one. For these docs, I will be using the Procore (S) tap as this is primarily used for testing.

On this page, you should use your OAuth app from Procore's credentials. If you do not know how to get those credentials, you can learn how to here.

Once you have filled in your credentials, click the Save button. This will trigger a Procore log in pop-up.

You should put in your log in credentials for Procore and click Log In.

You have now succesfully added the Procore tap to this flow! Next, you need to configure what data you want to pull from Procore.

Configure the field mapping

Now that you have linked the Procore tap, let's configure what data you want to pull from Procore.

On this page, go ahead and click on the Procore card.

Next, you want to go click on the Customize field map option by clicking the icon on the right side.

On this page, you can determine what data you want to begin pulling from Procore. In this case, I will be pulling objects from the projects field. To do that, I am going to click on the gear icon for the projects field.

Now you can go ahead and select the objets you want to pull. I am going to select all of the available objects by clicking on the box next to Available.

Now, you shoud use the arrow in the middle to move over the fields to the Chosen column.

Now that you have finished configuring your fields, you should click the Confirm button.

You should repeat the process above for each field you want to edit. Once you are finished, go ahead and click the Save button in the bottom right corner and your configuration will be saved!

Get your Procore OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret

In this section, you will learn how to get your OAuth credentials from Procore. First thing you must do is log in to their developer portal.

Once you log in, you will see this page. You should click the Create A New App option.

Next, you should name your app accordingly. We suggest "company-name app". Then, click the Create button.

You will now be taken to this page. You will most likely have to wait a few minutes for Procore to finish setting up your sandbox. In the mean time, upload your logo for the App Avatar section on the page. Once you wait about 5 minutes, go ahead and refresh the page.

The next thing you should do is click Create New Version under Manage Manifests.

Follow the instructions given, and once you are finished, click the Create button.

You will now be able to see your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret for your app. Make sure that for the Redirect URL, you put

And that is it! You now have your credentials to start using the Procore credenitials in hotglue.