Get started with the AppsFlyer source!

Obtain your credentials

If you don't know where to get your credentials for setting up a AppsFlyer integration, you can learn where to find them here.

Enable the source

Head to the flow that you want to add the AppsFlyer source to.

This is the sources page where you should search for the AppsFlyer connector.

Now that you've found the tap, click the corresponding Connect button.

Here is where you should put in your credentials for your AppsFlyer account. If you don't have these credentials or don't know where to find them, read the guide below.

Once you have finished putting in your credentials, click the Save & Continue button.

And that is it! You have linked the AppsFlyer source!

Configure the field map

Now that you have connected your AppsFlyer, you need to configure what data you want to pull.

You can do this by adjusting your AppsFlyer Field Map. First, click on the AppsFlyer card.

The first thing that you need to do is go ahead and click the Field Map button for the AppsFlyer source.

Then to customize what data I want to pull, I can select the gear icon for one of the options. In this case, I am going to select the in_app_events table.

You can now determine what objects you want to pull. Go ahead and select all the objects you want to pull from the Available column, and use the arrow in the middle to pull those over to the Chosen column.

Once you are done selecting the fields you want to pull, click the Confirm button.

If you also want to bring in additional tables, repeat the process above until you've selected everything you want to pull. Once complete, just hit the save button, and you are done with mapping the fields you want to pull from AppsFlyer!

Obtain your API Key and App ID

API Key and App ID

The first thing you need to do is log in to AppsFlyer. They have a free tier, so if you don't have an account, you can make one.

Your home page should look something like this. On the top right side of your screen, you should click the Add app button.

I put random numbers for the App ID. You should know your App ID.I put random numbers for the App ID. You should know your App ID.

I put random numbers for the App ID. You should know your App ID.

You should now be asked a few questions about how you would like your app configured. I am going to select the Mobile option, the iOS option, and create an App ID. Make sure to copy this down as this is one of the credentials you need to put into hotglue!

Now that you are done configuring your app, go ahead and select Add my app.

Now it will tell you that you successfully made an app - go ahead and click the Done button.

As you can see, your should be on your dashboard. You should click into it.

You should scroll on the left handed tool bar until you find the API Access tab.

On the API access page, click the banner near the top of the page to head to the API Tokens page.

Here, you have access to both API tokens. Make sure to use API token V1.0 when inputting your API token into hotglue!

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