Get started with the bigcommerce source!

Obtain your credentials

If you don't know where to get your credentials for setting up a Big Commerce integration, you can learn where to find them here.

Enable the source

Head to the flow that you want to add the BigCommerce source to, and open the Sources section.


Let's first select the source from the list of taps in hotglue for this flow.


Go ahead and click on the BigCommerce card.


Now that we have selected BigCommerce as a source, we are going to put in the API Client ID, Access Token and the Store Hash. If you don't know where to get these credentials, you can learn where to find them here.


Once you've entered your OAuth credentials, click the “Save & Continue” button.

Configure the field map

You now have added BigCommerce as a data source for your flow. Next, you need to configure the mapping for your BigCommerce data.


Click on the card to get started.


Click on “Customize field map”.


Now you can select specific Tables that you may want to map for your users. To do this, you simply select the gear icon on the right of any of the Tables.


You can now select specific fields identified in each Table to map in the Field Editor. Once you have selected which fields you want, you click confirm.


Once you are done mapping any of the fields you want, you click save, and you have finished configuring your mappings.

Obtain your Consumer Key pair

To get your key pair for BigCommerce, you are first going to need to log in to BigCommerce and navigate to the home page.


Navigate to Advanced Settings on the left-sided nav bar.


From the resulting drop down, select API Accounts.


Click on Create API account in the top right hand corner.


Input App name (should be your company name) and other fields. Once done, click the Save button.


Copy the Client ID and Access token and Click on Done.


Store hash has can be found on Home → API Accounts, as pictured above.

That's it! Now you have all the credentials needed for hotglue to connect to the BigCommerce API.