Get started with the Chargebee source!

Obtain the API Key

If you need to figure out how to access the necessary credentials, head to here for a detailed walk through.

Enable the Source

Initially, you need to head to the flow where you would like to enable the Chargebee source.

Now search for the Chargebee source and select the corresponding connect button.

You will now be asked to input your Chargebee credentials. If you do not know where to find your credentials, you can learn how to here.

Now that you have input your credentials, click the Save & Continue button in the bottom right corner.

You have now linked the Chargebee source!

Configure Mapping

You now have added Chargebee as a data source for your flow. Next, you need to configure the mapping for your Chargebee data.

Click on the Chargebee card in the sources of your flow.

Next, you should click on the Customize Field Map option.

You can now select specific streams and/or tables you want to pull. For this example, I am going to select the customers field.

Now you can select the fields that you want to pull by moving them from the Available column to the Chosen column. I am going to use the select all functionality at the top of the pop-up.

Using the arrow in the middle, you can move the fields to the Chosen column.

Once you are satisfied with the fields you want to pull, go ahead and click the Confirm button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

Once you are done mapping any of the fields you want, click the Save button, and you have finished configuring your mappings.

Obtain your Credentials

To obtain your Chargebee credentials, you must first login to Chargebee. If you don't currently have an account, you can make a free one here.

Site Name

Once you do login, you should be greeted with a page similar to this. The first credential you will need for hotglue is your site name. You can find that in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Note: If you are using a testing account and/or sandbox, your site name will be yoursitename-test. You can see in the example above that the account we are connecting is a test account. If you are not sure if you have a test account, you can also check the url of your site. The beginning of the URL is also your site name.


The next credential you will need is your API key. From the home page, you should click the Settings dropdown from the navigation bar on the left hand side.

From the resulting drop down, you should select the Configure Chargebee tab.

On this page, scroll down until you get to the API Keys and Webhooks section. You should then click on the API keys option.

You will now be on a page where you can create new API Keys. You should go ahead and create a new key for hotglue. Do this by click on the Add API Key button.

You will now be asked what kind of key you want to create. You should go ahead and select the Full-Access Key option.

Now go ahead and name your key hotglue. Subsequently, you should click Create Key.

Now you have your API Key! Make sure to copy this into hotglue.

Product Catalog

All Chargebee sites created from May 05, 2021, will have Product Catalog 2.0 enabled by default. Sites created prior to this date will continue to have Product Catalog 1.0, and you can contact Chargebee support to migrate to Product Catalog 2.0.

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