Google Analytics

Get started with the Google Analytics source!

Obtain the OAuth Credentials

Go to the Google API Console to obtain a Client ID and Client Secret. Follow the guide directly on Google's docs. Also make sure both you and yours users enable the Google Analytics API, or hotglue will encounter errors in requesting the data!

hotglue cannot fetch data from Google Analytics unless the Analytics API and Reporting API is enabled in your Google Console

Enable the Source

Let's first select the source from the list of taps in hotglue to enable for this flow.

Now that we have selected Google Analytics as a source, we are going to put in the OAuth Client ID and the OAuth Client Secret. Then, we click save.

You will then sign in with your Google account.

Google will then ask you to allow hotglue to access your data. Click allow.

Google Analytics is now shown in your flow as a connected data source.

Configure the mapping

Now that you have set up your source, you need to configure your mapping. Click on the field map button below the Google Analytics source.

Now that you have done that, you can select the gear icon next to any of the Tables that you would want to configure the mapping for.

Once you have selected what you wanted, click confirm, and then save on the original Table selector. You have completed mapping for Google Analytics!


Currently hotglue only supports fetching a set of default reports - if you wish to fetch custom reports or data, please let our support team know. You can also submit an issue directly on GitHub.