Sage Intacct

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Connector Details

PlatformSage Intacct
Auth TypeOAuth Credentials
Sync TypeIncremental
Testing AccountFree Developer Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the Accounting Schema

Connector Versions

Sage Intacctv1GASupports Sage Intacct accounts

Obtain the Credentials

The Sage Intacct tap requires the following fields:

Field NameDescription
Company IdYour Sage Intacct Company Id
Sender IdYour Sage Intacct Sender Id
Sender PasswordYour Sage Intacct Sender Password
User IdYour Sage Intacct User Id
User PasswordYour Sage Intacct User Password

To find these credentials, follow the Sage Intacct developer guide.

Now you can insert the above into your hotglue Sage Intacct source settings:

That's it!

Supported Data

The Sage Source tap currently supports the following objects:

accounts_payable_billsAn AP bill is a transaction that tracks money owed to a vendor.
accounts_payable_vendorsAccounts Payable (AP) enables you to keep track of your vendor accounts and bills. Basically, you enter and edit your vendor transactions, and then pay them.
customersOther Sage Intacct applications use customer information—not only for record-keeping purposes, but also for printing names and addresses on forms, such as invoices, and for determining the location of the Ship To contact so that sales can be computed correctly.
general_ledger_accountsThe General Ledger is where you create and maintain accounts, journals, and financial reports. You use the General Ledger to post journal entries, design and run reports, create budgets, and more. Other Sage Intacct subscriptions automatically post transactions to the General Ledger in real-time.
general-ledger-detailGeneral ledger details help understand the relationships between journal entries and their source sub ledger transactions.
general-ledger-journal-entriesA journal entry can add, edit, or reverse a transaction to a journal.
invoice-itemsCertain types of transaction definitions in Order Entry (e.g. Sales Invoice, Contract Invoice, Sales Credit Memo) are configured to create corresponding invoices in the Accounts Receivable module.
projectsProjects enable services companies to automate many of the functions of project management.

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You can always edit the data you're pulling from the Sage Intacct connector in the field map settings: