Get started with the PipeDrive source!

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth
Sync TypeIncremental
Testing AccountFree Pipedrive Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the CRM Schema

Connector Versions

Pipedrivev1GASupports Pipedrive online accounts

Obtain OAuth Client ID and Secret

The first thing you need to do is log in to the Pipedrive.

Enter the credentials and click on Sign in button.

You will land on the home page. Click on the name of the account on the top right and select Tools and integration from the drop-down menu.

Select Marketplace manager from right nav-pane. You can Create new app from the button "Create new app". Once app is added it is shown in Marketplace manager. As I added app Hotglue it is shown here. Click on the name of the app to get the credentials.

You will land on the app page and scroll down. You should add the Redirect URL https://hotglue.xyz/callback. Once you do, you can also get your Client ID and Client Secret. Now you can go ahead and copy the credentials into hotglue.

Supported Data

The Pipedrive tap currently supports the following objects: