Get started with the Snowflake source!

Obtain Snowflake credentials

For the Snowflake source to work correctly, you need to create the user with permissions that allow hotglue to access the data you are looking to pull. The instructions to create a user are available on the Snowflake docs.

Enable the source

To begin, head to the flow that you would like to add Snowflake source.

Once you have selected what flow you want to enable the Snowflake source in, you should go ahead and search for the Snowflake in the Sources tab of hotglue.

Now that you've found the Snowflake tap, go ahead and click on the Snowflake card.

This is the part where you need your credentials from Snowflake. If you don't know how to access your Snowflake credentials, you can learn how to here.

Plug in the corresponding credentials and hit the Save button.

You have now set up the Snowflake source!

Configure the field mapping

Now that you've connected your Snowflake, it is time to configure your field mapping.

The first thing you need to do is go ahead and click on the Snowflake card to configure the field mapping.

Now you need to go in and select the icon corresponding to the Customize field map option.

Once here, you can go and select what you want to bring in from the database you've connected. For this example, I am going to select the user_data and users table by clicking the corresponding gear icon.

Once you've clicked the edit icon, you will have the opportunity to select the fields you want to pull from that table. I am going to use the select all button above the Available column.

Now that I have selected the fields I wanted, I will use the arrow in the middle to move those objects over to the Chosen column.

Once you've selected the fields you want, click the Confirm button. The changed field we be marked updated.

You can repeat the process above for all the tables you want! Once done, go ahead and click the Save button.

You have now configured your field mapping.

Get your Snowflake credentials

For the Snowflake target to work correctly, you need to create a snowflake account from here.

Enter the credentials or register the account.

This is your home page. To get started, click the Database button in the top right corner.

You can now create the new database and to get the required credentials.

For the account field in hotglue, you can find your Account information in the URL at the top of the page. As you can see in the picture above, it appears directly after, and includes your region.

Next, you should search for Schema in the secondary navigation bar. You will now be able to see your database name (this example is called Target Test). Within Target Test, you can see the Schema being used for target test. Input this as the schema field in hotglue.

Lastly, we will look to grab the database tables from Snowflake. In the secondary navigation bar on the left side, click on the database name and navigate to Tables. You should then be able to see the name of the table. Go ahead and input that information into hotglue.

You should now be all set to set up your target Snowflake!

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