Get started with the Xero source!

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth
Sync TypeIncremental
Testing AccountFree Developer Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the Accounting Schema

Connector Versions

Xerov1GASupports production Xero online accounts

Create OAuth app

The first thing you need to do is log in to Xero, or create a free Xero developer account.

Enter the credentials and click on Log in button. Navigate to Xero Developer

You can create app by clicking "New app" button. A pop-out will appear.

Enter App name, integration type and fill mandatory fields. Click on the save buttton. Your app will be added.

Click on the name of the added app.

You will land on App details page. Click on Configuration from left nav pane.

You should add the Redirect URI https://hotglue.xyz/callback. Once you do, you can also get your Client ID and generate Client Secret. Now you can go ahead and copy it into hotglue.

Now you can insert the client id and client secret pair from the Keys section into your hotglue Xero source settings:

That's it!

Supported Data

The Xero tap currently supports the following objects:

bank_transfersThe two sides of each bank transfer will automatically be recorded as RECEIVE-TRANSFER and SPEND-TRANSFER types
branding_themesRetrieve a list of branding themes . Apply a payment service to a branding theme. Retrieve the payment services applied to a branding theme
contact_groupsAllows you to retrieve the ContactID and Name of all the contacts in a contact group
contactsAllows to retrieve, add and update contacts in a Xero organisation
credit_notesAllows to retrieve, add and update any credit notes
currenciesRetrieve/add currencies for your organisation
employeesAllows you to retrieve, add and update employees used in Xero payrun functionality.
invoicesRetrieve sales invoices or purchase bills
itemAllows to retrieve any items.
journalEntryJournalEntry is a transaction in which there are at least one pair of lines, a debit and a credit, called distribution lines.
linked_transactionsRetrieve,update, create and delete linked transactions (billable expenses)
manual_journalsAllows to retrieve, add, delete any manual journals
organizationsReturns information about a Xero organisation. The organisation will be the one specified in the xero-tenant-id header, or in the case of a custom conenction, the organisation connected to the app.
overpaymentsThe TimeActivity object represents a record of time worked by a vendor or employee.
paymentsRetrieve either one or many payments for invoices and credit notes
prepaymentsAllows to retrieve prepayments/ Allows to allocate prepayments to outstanding invoices/ Allows to retrieve history/ Allows to add notes
purchase_ordersAllows you to retrieve, add, delete purchase orders
quotesRetrieve/ create quotes
repeating_invoicesAllows to retrieve any repeating invoice templates
Allows to retrieve history
Allows to create repeating invoice templates
Allows to delete repeating invoice templates
tax_ratesAllows to add/update tax rate for a Xero organisation
tracking_categories`Add new tracking categories and options
Rename tracking categories and options
Update the status of tracking categories and options
Delete unused tracking categories and options
usersReturns the users for a Xero organisation

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You can always edit the data you're pulling from the Xero connector in the field map settings: