Get started with the PostgreSQL target!

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth
Sync TypeIncremental
Testing AccountPostgres Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the Public Schema

Connector Versions

Postgresv1GASupports Postgres online accounts
Postgresv2GASupports Postgres online accounts

Get your Postgres OAuth Credentials

The first thing you need to do is go ahead and log in to Postgres.

Once you logged in You will see the instance page. You can Crate the new Instance from "Create New Instance" button form top right button.

You can select the Plan and name of DB and then click on "Select Region" button.

You can select the region and click on Review button.

You can Click on Create Instance button to save the changes you made.

Once you created the instance, click in the name of Instance. You will land on the Details page. You can find all the required information i-e Host, Username, Passsword, Database name,Primary Key, Schema and port on this page.

And that is it! You have now successfully linked to PostgresSQL!

Supported Data

Sample Postman Collection