Get started with the WooCommerce target!

Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Key
Sync TypeIncremental
Testing AccountFree Developer Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the E-Commerce Schema

Connectors Version

WooCommerceV1GASupports WooCommerce Accounts
WooCommerceV2GASupports WooCommerce Accounts

Get your API credentials

Inside your WordPress admin view, head to your WooCommerce Settings > Advanced > REST API

WooCommerce REST API settings

From here, select the Add key option to create a key for the integration.

Create a new REST API key

Create your new consumer key pair, by writing a description, owner user, and permission level. For the WooCommerce source, you only need to provide Read level permissions.

Configure REST API consumer key pair

Now you will have the consumer key pair you need!

Scroll down to the page and you will find API Secret.

Now you can insert API Secret into your hotglue WooCommerce target settings:

Supported Data

Below is a list of the WooCommerce entities currently supported by the hotglue target:​

Sales Orders🟢 SupportedSales Orders Unified Schema
Products🟢 SupportedProducts Unified Schema
Store🟢 SupportedStore Unified Schema
Customers🟢 SupportedCustomers Unified Schema
Order Line Items🟢 SupportedOrder Line Items Unified Schema
Suppliers🟢 SupportedSuppliers Unified Schema
Categories🟢 SupportedCategories Unified Schema
Locations🟢 SupportedLocations Unified Schema
Update Inventory🟢 SupportedUpdate Inventory

Don't see an entity you're looking for? Let us know

Data format

Each entity that can be synced to WooCommerce must be in the correct format before posting.


When sending Products to the WooCommerce target, the file must be named products.json and contain an array of products, which have the following schema.

titlestringTitle of the product
body_htmlstringHTML used in the body of product description
vendorstringVendor name
product_typestringProduct category
imagesarray[object]Array of images to use for product
variantsarray[object]Array of variant definitions
inventory_quantityintegerAvailable quantity. Only available if this is a simple product (no variants).

Below is a sample products.json

        "title": "Burton Custom Freestyle 153",
        "body_html": "<strong>Good snowboard!</strong>",
        "vendor": "Burton",
        "product_type": "Snowboard",
        "images": [
                "src": "https://static2.jonessnowboards.com/1258-large_default/mountain-twin.jpg"
        "variants": [
                "title": "First",
                "option1": "First",
                "inventory_management": "woocommerce",
                "price": "10.00",
                "inventory_quantity": 50,
                "sku": "123"
                "title": "Second",
                "option1": "Second",
                "inventory_management": "woocommerce",
                "inventory_quantity": 50,
                "price": "20.00",
                "sku": "123"