Get started with the Xero target!

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth
Testing AccountFree Developer Account
Unified SchemaSupported in the Accounting Schema

Connector Versions

Xerov2GASupports production Xero accounts and unified accounting schema.
Xerov1DeprecatedSupports production Xero accounts with raw schema.

Create OAuth app

The first thing you need to do is log in to Xero, or create a free Xero developer account.

Enter the credentials and click on Log in button. Navigate to Xero Developer

You can create app by clicking "New app" button. A pop-out will appear.

Enter App name, integration type and fill mandatory fields. Click on the save button. Your app will be added.

Click on the name of the added app.

You will land on App details page. Click on Configuration from left nav pane.

You should add the Redirect URI https://hotglue.xyz/callback. Once you do, you can also get your Client ID and generate Client Secret. Now you can go ahead and copy it into hotglue.

Now you can insert the client id and client secret pair from the Keys section into your hotglue Xero target settings:

That's it! Just repeat the process to enable the Xero Production OAuth app.

Supported Data

Below is a list of the Xero entities currently supported by the hotglue target:​

Invoices🟢 SupportedInvoices Unified Schema
Journal Entries🟢 SupportedJournal Entries Unified Schema
Accounts🟢 SupportedAccounts Unified Schema
Customers🟢 SupportedCustomers Unified Schema
Journal Lines🟢 SupportedCustomers Unified Schema
Invoice Line Items🟢 SupportedCustomers Unified Schema
Items🟢 SupportedItems Unified Schema
Credit Notes🟢 SupportedCredit Notes Unified Schemaema

Don't see an entity you're looking for? Let us know

Sample Postman Collection

Use the below Postman collection to access sample payloads for the Xero target. Note: the samples are formatted to work with the API Source.

Run in PostmanRun in Postman