Get started with the Xero target!

Obtain the OAuth Credentials

If you need to figure out how to access the necessary credentials, head to Xero's docs for a detailed walk through.

Supported Entities

Currently the Xero target does not currently support all entities. Don't see the entity you want? Contact us​



Journal Entries

🟢 Yes

Enable the Xero target

Head to your flow, and go to the target options.



The Xero target is designed for flows with a user configurable target. Do not use it for a normal flow, or you will get unexpected behavior. You can change this setting under the Details page of your flow.


Enable Xero target

Select the Xero target, and you'll be prompted to provide your OAuth credentials.


Provide Xero OAuth credentials

Data format

Each entity that can be synced to Xero must be in the correct format before posting.

Journal Entries

When sending Journal Entries to the Xero target, the file must be named JournalEntries.csv have the following columns.

Column Name


Transaction Date

The day the transaction occurred

Journal Entry Id

The ID of the Journal Entry (becomes the DocNumber in QBO)

Account Number

Account Name

If you aren't using Account Numbers, it will use this column to find the Account


Customer Name


Must be a POSITIVE number

Posting Type

Either "Debit" or "Credit"


Description for the entry


Optional. Allows you to specify a different currency code

Below is an example JournalEntries.csv

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