Push to APIs

Learn how to use the transformation scripts to push data directly to your API


This guide walks through how to leverage the transformation script to send data from a source directly to your API during a hotglue job. This should be used instead of a target. We will be using the Python requests library to do this.


We recommend using the Python transformation script to connect with your API so you have more flexibility. You can:

  • handle authorization (for example, you can read/write api keys for your tenants using the tenant config)
  • do any mapping necessary to your internal schema
  • manage the order requests are made in
  • and more!

Setup your environment


The script we will walk through is tested with the following requirements.txt – if you have different behavior, verify your dependency versions match.


Sample data

For this example we will be working with some testing Mailchimp list members data. Download the CSV here to follow along.

030d546fad14e050174131b92f9dfa4a,532598831,[email protected],41e3a84f8c,html,subscribed,,"{'FNAME': 'Tony', 'LNAME': 'Stark', 'ADDRESS': {'addr1': '', 'addr2': '', 'city': '', 'state': '', 'zip': '', 'country': 'US'}, 'PHONE': '', 'BIRTHDAY': ''}","{'avg_open_rate': 0.0, 'avg_click_rate': 0.0}",,,,2022-05-16T15:45:03.000000Z,2.0,2022-05-16T15:45:03.000000Z,,False,,"{'latitude': 0.0, 'longitude': 0.0, 'gmtoff': 0, 'dstoff': 0, 'country_code': '', 'timezone': ''}",Admin Add,0,[],3b1252e2c4
f9c278107a89812816ae8769c969bf3c,533108879,[email protected],211fb11bbb,html,unsubscribed,N/A (Unsubscribed by admin),"{'FNAME': 'Director', 'LNAME': 'Fury', 'ADDRESS': '', 'PHONE': '', 'BIRTHDAY': ''}","{'avg_open_rate': 0.0, 'avg_click_rate': 0.0}",,,,2022-05-17T08:59:40.000000Z,1.0,2022-05-20T10:09:19.000000Z,,False,,"{'latitude': 0.0, 'longitude': 0.0, 'gmtoff': 0, 'dstoff': 0, 'country_code': '', 'timezone': ''}",Import,1,"[{'id': 12632599, 'name': 'promo'}]",3b1252e2c4

Sample Script

Prepare the data

Refer to the sample script below which:

  • Reads the list_members CSV as pandas dataframe, and
  • Does some light transformation on the data
# Import dependencies
import gluestick as gs
import pandas as pd
import os
import requests

# Establish standard directories for hotglue
ROOT_DIR = os.environ.get("ROOT_DIR", ".")
INPUT_DIR = f"{ROOT_DIR}/sync-output"
OUTPUT_DIR = f"{ROOT_DIR}/etl-output"

# Read input data
input_data = gs.read_csv_folder(INPUT_DIR)

# Get the list members as a dataframe
list_members = input_data.get("list_members", pd.DataFrame())

# Explode personalized data
list_members = gs.explode_json_to_rows(list_members, "merge_fields")

# Select relevant columns
list_members = list_members[['id', 'email_address', 'status', 'source', 'merge_fields.FNAME', 'merge_fields.LNAME', 'last_changed']]

# Rename columns to standard names
    "merge_fields.FNAME": "firstName",
    "merge_fields.LNAME": "lastName"
}, inplace=True)

Send to the API

Now that the data has been mapped to our schema, we can create a payload and POST it to our API. If you'd like to learn more about the requests library syntax, visit their docs.

Refer to the sample script below:

# Create a payload that includes the contacts with some context on the hotglue job
payload = {
    "env_id": os.environ.get("ENV_ID"),
    "job_id": os.environ.get("JOB_ID"),
    "flow_id": os.environ.get("FLOW"),
    "tenant": os.environ.get("TENANT"),
    "tap": os.environ.get("TAP", "mailchimp"),
    "contacts": list_members.to_dict(orient="records")

# Send to API endpoint
endpoint_url = "https://api.acme.com/contacts"
r = requests.post(endpoint_url, json=payload)

# Log the result of the request