Widget Settings

Learn more about the widget settings


First, there are several options you can use to customize the look and feel of the widget:


The primary color to use for action buttons, hover effects, and more.

Font Family

The font family to use throughout the widget

Dark Theme

By default the widget uses a light theme, toggling this option switches to a dark theme.


Additionally, there are several options available to toggle functionality for your users on the integrations page.

Allow users to run jobs

Will shows users a button to run a new incremental sync job.

Allow users to run full sync jobs

Will show users a button to run a full sync job (this will clone all historical data again).

Allow users to edit sync schedule

Will allow users to modify the schedule on which their data is synced.

Allow users to edit field map

Will allow users to modify the field map of what data they want to import from a specific integration.

Allow users to view jobs history

Will show users a new tab called Job History. This is a very simple list of the most recent jobs and whether they were successful or failed.