SFTP Files

Get started with the SFTP source!

Connector Details

PlatformSFTP Files
Auth TypeUsername/Password
Sync TypeIncremental
API versionN/A
Testing AccountN/A
Unified SchemaN/A

Connector Versions

SFTP Filesv1GASupports cloning any files from SFTP servers

Configure SFTP Files

Configuring SFTP credentials is simple but requires an authentication method. A username and password or SSH key is required to set up the integration. Following credentials are required to connect to SFTP Files:

  • Username
  • Password
  • IP/Host name
  • Port

Once you've entered your credentials, click the “Save".

And that's it! You have successfully enabled the SFTP Files source.

Using SFTP Files in the Widget

To test, we will link our SFTP Files source in the widget.

Navigate to Settings -> Widget. Click on Preview Widget.

A pop-up will open. All your configured flows will be listed here.

Select the Flow you set up the SFTP Files for, and click on SFTP Files.

Click the SFTP Files and pop-up will appear. Enter your credentials and click on Connect your data button.

Success message will shown once source is successfully connected.

Click on the upload folder on left side. You can select any folder inside.

Select any folder. You can select the files inside the folder.

Files in the folder will be shown in the left side.

Select Files files will be shown on Right Side. Click on Save button to save the changes.

The success message will be shown at the top.

You can connect the source in the widget successfully!