Get started with the Survey Monkey source!

Obtain the OAuth Credentials

If you need to figure out how to access the necessary credentials, head here for a detailed walk through.

Enable the Source

First, you must decide which flow you would like to add your SurveyMonkey source.

Once you have decided on a flow, let's start by enabling the SurveyMonkey source.

You will then be asked to provide your specific SurveyMonkey OAuth Credentials. Go ahead and fill these in and click Save & Connect. If you do not know where to find those credentials, you can head here for a detailed walk through.

You will now be asked to sign in with your SurveyMonkey account. Go ahead and login.

Now you need to go ahead and put in the Survey ID of the Survey you want to connect. If you don't know how to get the ID, you can learn how to get that here. Go ahead and Click Save & Continue once you've filled it in!

And that's it! You have successfully linked to SurveyMonkey.

Configure Mapping

You now have added SurveyMonkey as a data source for your flow.

Next, you need to configure the mapping for your SurveyMonkey data. Click on the SurveyMonkey card to get started.

Now you can need to open the Field Map Editor. Do so by clicking the corresponding icon.

You can now select specific streams and/or tables that you want to pull from each SurveyMonkey account. To edit the exact objects you want to pull, use the corresponding gear icon.

For any of the fields you do want to pull, go ahead and select them now. I am going to use the the select all option at the top of the column.

Once you are done mapping any of the fields you want, use the arrow button in the middle to move those objects over to the Chosen column.

Once you have finished picking which fields you want to pull, click the Confirm button in the bottom right corner.

You should repeat the previous process until you have selected all the fields you want to bring in. Once you are done with all your selections, click the Save button.

Obtain your SurveyMonkey OAuth Client ID, OAuth Client Secret, and Survey ID

The first thing that you need to do to get your SurveyMonkey OAuth credentials is to login in to SurveyMonkey. If you do not have a SurveyMonkey account, you can create a free one here.

Now that you have logged into SurveyMonkey, your home page should look similar to this. You should scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

At the bottom of the page, there is a small tab called Developers. Go ahead and click on that.

Now, you will be on the SurveyMonkey developer home page. Look in the header and click on the My Apps tab.

On the My Apps page, go ahead and click the Add a New App button.

On this page, you should go ahead and name your app as your company name, not hotglue. Remember, this is the app your customers will be seeing when they are connecting their SurveyMonkey account to your platform. Once you are done configuring your app details, you can go ahead and click the Create App button.

If you are wondering whether to make your app public or not, the benefit of making your app public is that you will then have the opportunity to be listed on SurveyMonkey's App Directory.

Now you have your OAuth Client ID and Secret! There are still a couple things you must do before your app is ready to use. Head to the Settings tab of your app.

You should now go ahead and replace the current OAuth Redirect URL with:

Make sure to press submit changes once you've done that!

Next, you need to scroll down to the scopes section of SurveyMonkey and enable these scopes for your app.

Important to note that if you change these scopes while you have users connected via this app, they will need to re-authenticate.

And now you are ready to plug the credentials into hotglue!

Survey ID

Now to get your Survey ID, you need to head back to the main Survey Monkey Dashboard. In the main dashboard, you should go ahead and click on the My Surveys tab in the top left hand side of your screen.

On the Survey page, you are going to need to right click and Inspect the page (Inspect Element if you are on Windows).

Now you should be able to see the ID for that survey! Take that ID and plug it into hotglue.

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