Google Sheets

Get started with the Google Sheets connector!


Google is a multinational corporation that specializes in Internet-related services and products.

Connector Details

PlatformGoogle Sheets
Auth TypeOAuth

Credentials Setup

To get your OAuth credentials, you are going to head to the Google API Console to obtain a Client ID and Client Secret. To do that, follow this link.

You should now see this page. Go ahead and click on the Credentials tab.

Click the + Create Credentials button to create the necessary credentials for your Google Sheets connector.

This drop down will appear and you should go ahead and select the OAuth Client ID option.

On this page, you will be prompted to go set up your consent screen. Your consent screen is what pops up when a user is going to connect their Google Sheets to your platform. To configure it, click the Configure Consent Screen button.

Now on the OAuth consent screen page, select External and then click the Create button.

Go ahead and fill in all of the required information. Once you are done, click the Save and Continue button at the bottom.

On this page, just go ahead and click Save and Continue. hotglue will handle all things related to the scopes of your app.

On this page, you will assign yourself to being a Test user of your OAuth app. Therefore, click the + Add Users button on this page.

On this page, go ahead and type in the Google account email that you will be testing your Google Sheets tap with. Once you are done inputting the email(s), click the Add button.

Now that you have added yourself as a test user, you can click the Save and Continue button.

You will now be taken to this page to show you all the details of your registration. At this point, you should head back to the Credentials tab that you see on the left side of your screen.

Now you are going to click the + Create Credentials button again.

Once again, select the OAuth client ID dropdown option.

You will now be taken to this page. Click the box that says Application type in order to select an option.

Make sure to select Web application as your application type. Then, make sure to name your OAuth app. Once you have done those two things, go ahead and click the + Add URL button.

In this box, go ahead and copy in this URL:

Once you've done that, click Create.

You will now be shown the OAuth credentials that should be used in hotglue. Copy these two credentials and paste them in the associated spots in hotglue. But you are not done yet.

Now, before you can actually run a job, you still need to go enable a few APIs. To begin that process, head to the Library tab.

Now in the search box, search for Google Drive API.

Go ahead and click on the Google Drive API option.

Now go ahead and click the Enable button on this page.

You will now be taken to this page. Go to the top right corner and click the the navigation bar launcher.

Navigate to the APIs & Services section and then select Library from the ensuing drop down.

Now, go ahead and search Google Sheets API in the search bar.

Select the Google Sheets API.

And that's it! Copy the credentials into your hotglue Google Sheets Source.