hotglue job goes through several stages during the run. If you have a configured webhooks to receive job updates, you will receive a POST at each of these stages:

Lifecycle StepDescription
JOB_CREATEDThe job has been created and queued to run.
DISCOVER_STARTEDThe job has begun fetching available tables and fields to sync.
DISCOVER_FAILEDThere was a fatal error fetching the available data.
SYNC_STARTEDData has begun to sync from the tap.
SYNC_FAILEDThere was a fatal error while syncing data from the tap.
SYNC_SUCCESSData was successfully synced from the tap.
ETL_STARTEDTransformation script will run on synced data.
ETL_FAILEDThere was a fatal error while the transformation script was running.
ETL_SUCCESSTransformation script completed successfully.
EXPORT_STARTEDExport to the defined targets for the flow has begun.
EXPORT_FAILEDThere was a fatal error while exporting the data to one of the defined targets.
JOB_COMPLETEDJob has completed successfully, and executor is shutting down.