What is a tenant?

tenant is one of your customers that has connected at least one integration via hotglue.

What is an active tenant?

An active tenant is any tenant that has had at least one sync job run within the last month. Learn more about how active tenants relates to billing in our help center.

Learn more about tenants and how they are used in the walkthrough below:

What is a subtenant?

Subtenants are used when a single tenant needs multiple distinct connections with the same connector. E.g.

  • A Shopify connection with multiple stores
  • A parent company with multiple CRMs for various acquired companies

Subtenants are denoted as {ROOT TENANT} {SUB TENANT ID} (e.g., companyName_2 ).

Creating a subtenant

Subtenants must be created via the API, by making a call using the{ROOT TENANT}_{SUB TENANT ID} syntax.