BigCommerce is a SaaS provider for merchants running online businesses.

Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Keys
Unified SchemaSupported in Ecommerce Unified Schema

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the BigCommerce connector.

Table NameFields
name, type, sku, description, weight, width, depth, height, price, cost_price, retail_price, sale_price, calculated_price, map_price, tax_class_id, product_tax_code, categories, brand_id, inventory_level, inventory_warning_level, inventory_tracking, fixed_cost_shipping_price, is_free_shipping, is_visible, is_featured, related_products, warranty, bin_picking_number, layout_file, upc, search_keywords, availability, availability_description, gift_wrapping_options_type, gift_wrapping_options_list, sort_order, condition, is_condition_shown, order_quantity_minimum, order_quantity_maximum, page_title, meta_keywords, meta_description, view_count, preorder_release_date, preorder_message, is_preorder_only, is_price_hidden, price_hidden_label, custom_url, open_graph_type, open_graph_title, open_graph_description, open_graph_use_meta_description, open_graph_use_product_name, open_graph_use_image, brand_name, gtin, mpn, id, reviews_rating_sum, reviews_count, total_sold, custom_fields, bulk_pricing_rules, date_created, date_modified, images, videos, variants, base_variant_id, option_set_id, option_set_display
id, name, type, amount, min_purchase, expires, enabled, code, applies_to, num_uses, max_uses, max_uses_per_customer, restricted_to, shipping_methods, date_created
id, company, first_name, last_name, email, phone, date_created, date_modified, store_credit, registration_ip_address, customer_group_id, notes, tax_exempt_category, accepts_marketing, form_fields, reset_pass_on_login
id, customer_id, date_created, date_modified, date_shipped, status_id, cart_id, status, custom_status, subtotal_ex_tax, subtotal_inc_tax, subtotal_tax, base_shipping_cost, shipping_cost_ex_tax, shipping_cost_inc_tax, shipping_cost_tax, shipping_cost_tax_class_id, base_handling_cost, handling_cost_ex_tax, handling_cost_inc_tax, handling_cost_tax, handling_cost_tax_class_id, base_wrapping_cost, wrapping_cost_ex_tax, wrapping_cost_inc_tax, wrapping_cost_tax, wrapping_cost_tax_class_id, total_ex_tax, total_inc_tax, total_tax, items_total, items_shipped, payment_method, payment_provider_id, payment_status, refunded_amount, order_is_digital, store_credit_amount, gift_certificate_amount, ip_address, geoip_country, geoip_country_iso2, currency_id, currency_code, currency_exchange_rate, default_currency_id, default_currency_code, staff_notes, customer_message, discount_amount, coupon_discount, shipping_address_count, is_deleted, is_email_opt_in, ebay_order_id, billing_address, order_source, external_source, products, shipping_addresses, coupons, external_id, external_merchant_id, form_fields, channel_id, tax_provider_id
id, name, parent_id, description, views, sort_order, meta_keywords

Credentials Setup

Follow the steps below to get the credentials you need to use the BigCommerce connector.

Obtain your Consumer Key pair

To get your key pair for BigCommerce, you are first going to need to log in to BigCommerce and navigate to the home page.

Navigate to Advanced Settings on the left-sided nav bar.

From the resulting drop down, select API Accounts.

Click on Create API account in the top right hand corner.

Input App name (should be your company name) and other fields. Once done, click the Save button.

Copy the Client ID and Access token and Click on Done.

Store hash has can be found on Home → API Accounts, as pictured above.

That’s it! Now you have all the credentials needed for hotglue to connect to the BigCommerce API.