Connector Details

PlatformSage 50 UK
Auth TypeAPI Keys

Supported tables

Audit Trail (Transactions)

  • Audit - Header: AUDIT_HEADER
  • Audit - Journal: AUDIT_JOURNAL
  • Audit - Split: AUDIT_SPLIT
  • Audit - Usage: AUDIT_USAGE
  • Audit - VAT: AUDIT_VAT
  • Audit History - Header: AUDIT_HISTORY_HEADER
  • Audit History - Journal: AUDIT_HISTORY_JOURNAL
  • Audit History - Split: AUDIT_HISTORY_SPLIT
  • Audit History - Usage: AUDIT_HISTORY_USAGE
  • Clear Audit Trail Event: CLEAR_AUDIT_TRAIL_EVENT
  • Cleared Transaction Range: CLEARED_TRAN_RANGE
  • Deleted Records: DELETED_RECORDS
  • Dispute Reason: DISPUTE_REASON


  • Bank: BANK
  • Bank Statement: BANK_STATEMENT
  • Bank Statement - Line: BANK_STATEMENT_LINE
  • Recurring Entries: RECURRING
  • Remittance: REMITTANCE


  • Calendar Event: CALENDAR_EVENT
  • Calendar Event - Label: CALENDAR_EVENT_LABEL
  • Calendar Event - Location: CALENDAR_EVENT_LOCATION
  • Calendar Event - Recurrence Pattern: CALENDAR_EVENT_RECURRENCE_PATTERN


  • Category: CATEGORY
  • Category - Title: CAT_TITLE


  • Fund: FUND
  • Fund Type: FUND_TYPE
  • SOFA (Statement of Financial Activities) Category: SOFA_CATEGORY

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

  • CIS Return: CIS_RETURN
  • CIS Return - Transactions: CIS_RETURN_TRANSACTION
  • CIS Settings: CIS_SETTINGS
  • CIS Subcontractor: CIS_SUBCONTRACTOR
  • CIS Subcontractor - Legacy: CIS_SUBCONTRACTOR_LEGACY
  • CIS Subcontractor - Return: CIS_SUBCONTRACTOR_RETURN
  • CIS Subcontractor - Tax History: CIS_SUBCONTRACTOR_TAX_HISTORY


  • Company: COMPANY
  • Company Delivery Address: COMPANY_DEL_ADDR

Contact History

  • Contact History: CONTACT_HISTORY
  • Contact History - Major Type: CONTACT_HISTORY_MAJOR_TYPE
  • Contact History - Contact Outcome: CONTACT_HISTORY_CONTACT_OUTCOME
  • Contact History - Contact Type: CONTACT_HISTORY_CONTACT_TYPE


  • EC Sales - Fill: ECSALES_FILL
  • EC Sales - Header: ECSALES_HEADER
  • EC Sales - Split: ECSALES_SPLIT
  • EC Sales - VAT Description: EC_VAT_DESCRIPTION
  • Intrastat: INTRASTAT


  • Invoice: INVOICE
  • Invoice - Item: INVOICE_ITEM
  • Update Ledgers: UPDATE_LEDGER


  • Account Status: ACCOUNT_STATUS
  • Communication Address: COMMUNICATION_ADDRESS
  • Country Code: COUNTRY_CODE
  • Currency: CURRENCY
  • Department: DEPARTMENT
  • Letter Type: LETTER_TYPE
  • Price: PRICE
  • Price List: PRICE_LIST
  • Tax Code: TAX_CODE


  • Accrual: ACCRUAL
  • Chart of Accounts: CHART_LIST
  • Financial Budget: FINANCIAL_BUDGET
  • Fixed Assets: FIXED_ASSET
  • Fixed Assets - Category: FIXED_ASSET_CAT
  • Nominal Ledger: NOMINAL_LEDGER
  • Period Values: PERIOD
  • Prepayments: PREPAYMENT


  • Payment Information: PAYMENT_INFO
  • Payment Method: PAYMENT_METHOD
  • ProTX Payment: PROTX_PAYMENT
  • Supplier Payment Info: SUPPLIER_PAYMENT_INFO


  • Project: PROJECT
  • Project - Budget: PROJECT_BUDGET
  • Project - Cost Code: PROJECT_COST_CODE
  • Project - Cost Type: PROJECT_COST_TYPE
  • Project - Only Transactions: PROJECT_ONLY_TRAN
  • Project - Relationship: PROJECT_RELATIONSHIP
  • Project - Resource: PROJECT_RESOURCE
  • Project - Resource Type: PROJECT_RESOURCE_TYPE
  • Project - Revenue Code: PROJECT_REVENUE_CODE
  • Project - Status: PROJECT_STATUS
  • Project - Transactions: PROJECT_TRAN

Purchase Ledger (Suppliers)

  • Goods Received Note Items (GRN): GRN_ITEM
  • Purchase Delivery Address: PURCHASE_DEL_ADDR
  • Purchase Ledger (Suppliers): PURCHASE_LEDGER
  • Purchase Order: PURCHASE_ORDER
  • Purchase Order Items: POP_ITEM
  • Supplier Payment Info: SUPPLIER_PAYMENT_INFO

Sales Ledger (Customers)

  • Credit Bureau: CREDIT_BUREAU
  • Direct Debit Payment Requests: DIRECT_DEBIT_PAYMENT_REQUESTS
  • Goods Despatched Note Items (GDN): GDN_ITEM
  • Payment Information: PAYMENT_INFO
  • Sagepay - Pay-by Link: SAGEPAY_PAY_BY_LINK
  • Sales Delivery Address: SALES_DEL_ADDR
  • Sales Ledger (Customers): SALES_LEDGER
  • Sales Order: SALES_ORDER
  • Sales Order Items: SOP_ITEM


  • Stock: STOCK
  • Stock - Allocation: STOCK_ALLOCATION
  • Stock - Category: STOCK_CAT
  • Stock - Component: STOCK_COMP
  • Stock - Transactions: STOCK_TRAN


  • eSubmission Settings: ESUBMISSION_SETTINGS
  • Return of Trading Details (RTD) Summary: RTD_SUMMARY
  • VAT - Adjustment: VAT_ADJUSTMENT
  • VAT - Details: VAT_DETAILS
  • VAT - Reverse Charge - Details: VAT_REV_CHARGE_DETAIL
  • VAT - Reverse Charge - Header: VAT_REV_CHARGE_HEADER
  • VAT - Reverse Charge - Return: VAT_REV_CHARGE_RETURN
  • VAT - VAT Summary: VAT_SUMMARY
  • VAT - VAT Return: VAT_RETURN
  • VAT - VAT Return Receipt: VAT_RETURN_RECEIPT

Client instructions

Initial credential configuration

Before installing the connector locally, you will need to gather your credentials:

  • Username and password: You will need to create a user reserved for this integration. This is because the connector is not allowed to run by Sage if its user is logged in, so if you use the username and password for an active user, the connector will not run. To create a new user:
    • Log in as the admin (MANAGER)
    • Go to Settings > User Management > Users
    • Click New, and create a new user.
  • DSN: Sage data is stored in an underlying database, which the connector uses to read data from Sage. Sage 50 comes pre-installed with a DSN pointing to the underlying database. This default DSN looks like SageLine50v29, where 29 is your version of Sage. To confirm your DSN is present and accessible:
    • Click the Search button on the bottom left of your Windows toolbar
    • Search for ODBC and Select ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)
    • Click System DSN. You should see a DSN starting with SageLine50 that matches your version. This is the proper DSN name to configure your connector.
    • If you’d like to create a new DSN (not required), you can follow this walkthrough to generate a new DSN.
  • Company file path: This will be the full file path to your Sage 50 program data, ending in accdata. You can find your company file path from inside Sage:
    • Log into Sage, and navigate to Help > About on the top bar.
    • In the top left Program Details section, there is a Data Directory file path. Click that link.
    • This will take you to your Sage program folder, which should contain an accdata folder.
    • Click into accdata. You can then select the ribbon at the top, and copy-paste your company file path. It should look something like the below:

Once you have these credentials, provide them to support. In return, you will get the connector file, which is an exe windows program that you will run, and a connector password.

Run the connector

Now you have all you need to run the connector.

  1. Download the Connector launcher file.

📘 The Sage 50 connector is packaged as a .exe file. It is signed with an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate issued by Sectigo, meaning it is verified and cannot be tampered with.

  1. Move the connector launcher to your startup folder to ensure that the connector runs automatically when you restart your machine. To configure this:
    1. Right click the windows icon on the bottom left
    2. Select run, then type shell:startup > OK
    3. This will open your startup folder. Drag the launcher here from downloads
  2. Run the connector by right-clicking > Run as administrator
  3. After booting up, the connector will open a pop-up requesting your connector password. Enter your connector password and click OK.

That’s it! Your connector is now running and ready to sync your Sage data.