Jotform is a full-featured online form builder that makes it easy to create robust forms and collect important data.

Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Keys

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Jotform connector.

Table NameFields
id, ip, created_at, status, new, flag, notes, updated_at, form_id, answers
id, username, title, new, count, height, status, created_at, updated_at, last_submission, type, favorite, archived, url

Credentials Setup

Follow the steps below to get the credentials you need to use the Jotform connector.

Login here. You will land on the All Forms page.

Click on your account name at the top right. A new form will open. Scroll down and click on Settings.

A new tab will open. Select the API option from right navigation pane.

Create a new REST API key

Create your new consumer key pair. You can set the Permission levels. For the Jotform source, you only need to provide Read level permissions.

That’s it! Insert API Secret into your hotglue Jotform source settings.