Asana is a computer software company that specializes in the fields of work management and productivity.

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Asana connector.

Table NameFields
gid, resource_type, created_at, created_by, resource_subtype, text, html_text, is_pinned, assignee, dependency, duplicate_of, duplicated_from, follower, hearted, hearts, is_edited, liked, likes, new_approval_status, new_dates, new_enum_value, new_name, new_number_value, new_resource_subtype, new_section, new_text_value, num_hearts, num_likes, old_approval_status, old_dates, old_enum_value, old_name, old_number_value, old_resource_subtype, old_section, old_text_value, previews, project, source, story, tag, target, task
gid, resource_type, name, created_at, project, projects
gid, resource_type, name, email, photo, workspaces
gid, name, is_organization, resource_type, email_domains
gid, resource_type, name, approval_status, assignee_status, completed, completed_at, completed_by, created_at, dependencies, dependents, due_at, due_on, external, hearted, hearts, html_notes, is_rendered_as_seperator, liked, likes, memberships, modified_at, notes, num_hearts, num_likes, num_subtasks, resource_subtype, start_on, assignee, custom_fields, followers, parent, permalink_url, projects, tags, workspace
gid, resource_type, name, color, created_at, created_by, custom_field_settings, is_template, due_on, members, owner, permalink_url, start_on, workspace, portfolio_items
gid, resource_type, name, description, html_description, organization, permalink_url, users
name, gid, resource_type, owner, current_status, custom_fields, default_view, due_date, due_on, html_notes, is_template, created_at, modified_at, start_on, archived, public, members, followers, color, notes, icon, permalink_url, workspace, team
gid, resource_type, created_at, followers, name, color, notes, permalink_url, workspace

Credentials Setup

Follow the steps below to get the credentials you need to use the Asana connector.

Obtain your Asana OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret

To get your OAuth credentials for Asana, you are first going to need to log in to Asana.

Now that you are on the Asana home page, go to the top right of the page and click on your account icon.

From the resulting drop down, select the My Profile Settings option.

Now you will be taken to this pop-up, where you should navigate to the Apps tab.

On this page, you should go ahead and select the Manage Developer Apps button. This will open a new tab.

On this page, click the New App button.

You should input your company name in the App name section and check off the the terms and conditions. Once you have done that click the Create app button.

You will now be taken to this page. You should copy the Client ID and Client secret into hotglue. Make sure that you also set the Redirect URL to

You have now gotten your credentials for Asana!