We help eCommerce merchants create shipping labels ship and fulfill their products no matter where they sell or how they ship.

Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Keys

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the ShipStation connector.

Table NameFields
orderId, orderNumber, orderKey, orderDate, createDate, modifyDate, paymentDate, shipByDate, orderStatus, customerId, customerUsername, customerEmail, billTo, shipTo, items, orderTotal, amountPaid, taxAmount, shippingAmount, customerNotes, internalNotes, gift, giftMessage, paymentMethod, requestedShippingService, carrierCode, serviceCode, packageCode, confirmation, shipDate, holdUntilDate, weight, dimensions, insuranceOptions, internationalOptions, advancedOptions, userId, externallyFulfilled, externallyFulfilledBy, total, page, pages
productId, aliases, sku, name, price, defaultCost, length, width, height, weightOz, internalNotes, fulfillmentSku, createDate, modifyDate, active, productCategory, productType, warehouseLocation, defaultCarrierCode, defaultServiceCode, defaultPackageCode, defaultIntlCarrierCode, defaultIntlServiceCode, defaultIntlPackageCode, defaultConfirmation, defaultIntlConfirmation, customsDescription, customsValue, customsTariffNo, customsCountryCode, noCustoms, tags, total, page, pages