Mailchimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses.

Connector Details

Auth TypeOAuth


See the table below for the list of real-time triggers supported by the Mailchimp connector.

SubscribesTriggered when a new contact is subscribed
UnsubscribesTriggered when a contact is unsubscribed
Profiles updatesTriggered when a profile is updated
Cleaned addressTriggered when an address is cleaned
Email changedTriggered when an email is changed
Campaign sendingTriggered when a campaing is sended

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Mailchimp connector.

Table NameFields
id, create_time, start_time, status, emails_sent, recipients, settings, tracking, trigger_settings, report_summary
id, email_address, unique_email_id, email_type, status, merge_fields, stats, ip_signup, timestamp_signup, ip_opt, timestamp_opt, member_rating, last_changed, language, vip, email_client, interests, location, list_id
email_id, email_address, merge_fields, vip, timestamp, reason, campaign_id, list_id, list_is_active
campaign_id, list_id, list_is_active, email_id, email_address, action, type, timestamp, ip, url
id, name, member_count, type, created_at, updated_at, options, list_id
id, web_id, name, contact, permission_reminder, use_archive_bar, campaign_defaults, notify_on_subscribe, notify_on_unsubscribe, date_created, list_rating, email_type_option, subscribe_url_short, subscribe_url_long, beamer_address, visibility, double_optin, has_welcome, marketing_permissions, modules, stats
id, web_id, type, create_time, archive_url, long_archive_url, status, emails_sent, send_time, content_type, needs_block_refresh, has_logo_merge_tag, resendable, recipients, settings, tracking, social_card, report_summary, delivery_status
id, web_id, email_address, unique_email_id, email_type, status, unsubscribe_reason, merge_fields, stats, ip_signup, timestamp_signup, ip_opt, timestamp_opt, member_rating, last_changed, language, vip, email_client, location, source, tags_count, tags, list_id

Credentials Setup

Follow the steps below to get the credentials you need to use the Mailchimp connector.

To get your Mailchimp OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret, go ahead and log in to Mailchimp.

Once you are logged in, click your account picture in the bottom left hand corner of the page. This will trigger a menu to pop-up.

In this menu, go ahead and select the Account tab.

On the Account page, go ahead and click the Extras to prompt the drop down.

From the resulting drop down, select the Registered apps tab.

Now you should go ahead and begin registering your app. To do that, click the Register An App button.

You will now be on this page where you should fill in your information. Make sure that you set the Redirect URL to:

Once you have filled everything in, click the Create button.

You will now have your credentials! Take these credentials and copy them into hotglue.