Kustomer is an omnichannel Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM platform designed to automate customer service processes.

Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Keys

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Kustomer connector.

Table NameFields
active_users, avatar_url, birthday_at, conversation_counts, created_at, created_by, custom, deleted, display_color, display_icon, display_name, emails, external_id, external_ids, facebook_ids, first_name, gender, id, imported_at, instagram_ids, last_activity_at, last_conversation, last_customer_activity_at, last_message_at, last_message_in, last_message_out, last_message_unresponded_to, last_name, last_seen_at, links, locale, locations, modified_at, modified_by, name, org, phones, preview, progressive_status, recent_items, recent_location, rev, role_group_versions, satisfaction_level, sentiment, shared_emails, shared_external_ids, shared_phones, shared_socials, signed_up_at, smooch_ids, socials, tags, time_zone, updated_at, urls, username, verified, watchers, whatsapps
created_at, custom, customer, description, external_id, icon, id, klass, links, org, title, type, updated_at
assigned_teams, assigned_users, channels, created_at, created_by, custom, customer, direction, done_count, ended, ended_at, ended_by, ended_by_type, ended_reason, external_id, first_done, first_message_in, first_message_out, first_response, first_response_since_last_done, id, imported_at, last_activity_at, last_done, last_message_at, last_message_direction, last_message_in, last_message_out, last_message_unresponded_to, last_message_unresponded_to_since_last_done, last_received_at, last_response, links, merged_target, message_count, modified_at, modified_by, name, note_count, org, outbound_message_count, preview, priority, queue, reopen_count, rev, role_group_versions, satisfaction, satisfaction_level, sla, sla_data, sla_version, snooze, snooze_count, status, suggested_shortcuts, suggested_tags, tags, total_done, total_open, total_snooze, type, updated_at
type, id, externalId, channel, app, size, direction, directionType, preview, sentiment, subject, meta, status, assignedTeams, assignedUsers, auto, sentAt, createdAt, updatedAt, redacted, createdByTeams, rev, reactions, intentDetections, org, customer, conversation, links
avatar_url, created_at, created_by, deleted_at, display_name, email, email_signature, email_verified_at, first_email_verified_at, id, links, mobile, modified_at, modified_by, name, org, password, role_groups, roles, type, updated_at, user_type
created_at, created_by, deleted, deleted_at, deleted_by, display_name, icon, id, links, members, modified_at, modified_by, name, org, role_groups, type, updated_at
color, created_at, created_by, deleted, id, links, modified_at, modified_by, name, org, type, updated_at
conversation, created_at, created_by, deleted, draft, id, is_private, links, modified_at, modified_by, name, org, payload, type, updated_at
body, conversation, created_at, created_by, customer, deleted, deleted_at, deleted_by, external_id, id, imported_at, links, modified_at, modified_by, org, type, updated_at, user_mentions