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Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Keys


See the table below for the list of real-time triggers supported by the Close connector.

Lead createdTriggered when a lead is created
Lead updatedTriggered when a lead is updated
Contact createdTriggered when a contact is created
Contact updatedTriggered when a contact is updated

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Close connector.

Table NameFields
id, name, type, date_created, date_updated, created_by, updated_by, organization_id, choices, editable_with_roles
custom_fields, integration_links, description, updated_by, status_id, opportunities, organization_id, date_updated, created_by, tasks, status_label, created_by_name, date_created, contacts, updated_by_name, display_name, html_url, id, addresses, name, url
envelope, date_created, references, body_text_quoted, need_smtp_credentials, in_reply_to_id, updated_by_name, old_status_label, transferred_from, user_id, updated_by, cc, opportunity_value, task_assigned_to, created_by, status, email_account_id, template_id, transferred_to, attachments, message_ids, voicemail_duration, local_phone, body_html_quoted, opens, task_id, lead_id, task_assigned_to_name, body_text, thread_id, task_text, user_name, note, source, import_id, to, recording_url, date_scheduled, subject, body_preview, created_by_name, phone, sender, duration, date_sent, _type, new_status_label, opportunity_value_formatted, opportunity_id, opens_summary, new_status_type, remote_phone, new_status_id, contact_id, body_html, opportunity_date_won, opportunity_value_currency, old_status_type, bcc, organization_id, old_status_id, opportunity_confidence, date_updated, template_name, opportunity_value_period, voicemail_url, send_attempts, id, dialer_id, direction, users
emails, date, voicemail_duration, body_preview, created_by, organization_id, phone, phone_formatted, assigned_to, is_complete, object_type, lead_id, view, _type, date_updated, is_dateless, updated_by_name, updated_by, remote_phone_description, text, contact_id, assigned_to_name, opportunity_value_currency, opportunity_value, remote_phone_formatted, contact_name, lead_name, opportunity_value_formatted, phone_number_description, date_created, due_date, opportunity_note, remote_phone, subject, recording_url, object_id, created_by_name, voicemail_url, opportunity_value_period, id, email_id, local_phone
first_name, id, organizations, email, date_updated, last_name, image, date_created, last_used_timezone
date_updated, action, date_created, data, previous_data, object_id, user_id, lead_id, request_id, object_type, id, organization_id, changed_fields, meta