Follow Up Boss

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Follow Up Boss is a CRM for real estate businesses.

Connector Details

PlatformFollow Up Boss
Auth TypeAPI Keys


See the table below for the list of real-time triggers supported by the Follow Up Boss connector.

People addedTriggered when a people is added

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Follow Up Boss connector.

Table NameFields
id, created, updated, createdById, updatedById, title, description, start, end, timezone, allDay, originFub, location, invitees, typeId, outcomeId, externalEventLink, externalCalendarId, isEditable, detailsVisible, type, outcome
id, created, updated, createdById, updatedById, personId, name, firstName, lastName, userId, userName, phone, fromNumber, toNumber, outcome, isIncoming, duration, recordingUrl, sharedInboxId, conferenceCallId, systemId, ringDuration
id, name, type, status, price, createdAt, description, projectedCloseDate, pipelineId, pipelineName, stageId, stageName, enteredStageAt, commissionValue, timeToClose, people, users
id, created, createdVia, lastActivity, name, firstName, lastName, stage, stageId, source, sourceId, sourceUrl, leadFlowId, delayed, contacted, price, assignedLenderId, assignedLenderName, assignedUserId, assignedPondId, assignedTo, tags, emails, phones, socialData, claimed, dealStatus, dealStage, dealName, dealCloseDate, dealPrice, firstToClaimOffer, collaborators
id, created, updated, name, firstName, lastName, email, phone, role, status, timezone, beta, calls, pauseLeadDistribution, lastSeenFub2, canExport, canCreateApiKeys, isOwner, groups, teamIds, leadEmailAddress