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Gladly is reinventing customer service with a customer service platform.

Connector Details

Auth TypeAPI Keys

Supported Data

See the table below for the list of data you can read with the Gladly connector.

Table NameFields
id, conversationId, content, customerId, initiator, timestamp
Timezone Filter, Inboxes Filter, Created At, Conversation ID, Customer ID, Conversation Link, Status, Assigned Agent ID - Current, Assigned Agent Name - Current, Inbox ID - Current, Inbox Name - Current, First Closed At, Last Closed At, Initiator Type - Created, Initiator Agent ID - Created, Initiator Agent Name - Created, Inbox ID - Created, Inbox Name - Created, Assigned Agent ID - Created, Assigned Agent Name - Created, Initiator Type - Last Closed, Initiator Agent ID - Last Closed, Initiator Agent Name - Last Closed, Initiator Rule ID - Last Closed, Inbox ID - Last Closed, Inbox Name - Last Closed, Assigned Agent ID - Last Closed, Assigned Agent Name - Last Closed, Topics, Topics with Hierarchy, First Contact ID, First Channel, Second Channel, Third Channel, Last Channel, Created-to-First Closed Time in seconds, Created-to-Last Closed Time in seconds, Conversation Handle Time in seconds, Is FCR Eligible, Is FCR Success, Merged Conversations, Count of Contacts, Count of Channels, Count of Notes, Count of Agents Assigned, Count of Inboxes Assigned, Times Agent Unassigned by Rule, Times Closed, Times Reopened, Times Topic Added, Times Topic Removed, Payment Requests - Completed, Payment Requests - Declined, Payment Amount - Completed USD, Payment Amount - Declined USD
id, name, description, agentIds, timestamp